About Pink Ribbon Breakfast

Pink Ribbon Breakfast is Breast Cancer Foundation NZ’s biggest fundraising campaign, where each year thousands of amazing Kiwis across the country raise money to fund breast cancer education, research and patient support.

Anyone can host a breakfast, it can be as small or as large as you like! Invite your friends and whānau around, or get your work colleagues together and put on a spread. It can be as simple as a cup of coffee and a muffin!

Hosting a Pink Ribbon Breakfast is easy!

Sign up to host
When you register, you’ll automatically be set up with an online fundraising page to collect donations for your event.
We send you a host kit
You’ll receive a host kit with everything you need to get started, including sponsor goodies, merchandise, posters, serviettes and decorations!
Make a plan
Pick a day (whenever suits you) and invite your guests, ask for koha or add raffles/games to your event to help fundraise. Check out our Fundraising Ideas page for more in person and virtual inspiration.
After your fundraiser
Once you've finished fundraising, head to the 'Transfer Funds' section of your host page and click the "I've finished fundraising" button to let the team know that you're all done. If you've used your online fundraising page to collect donations, you don't need to do anything - all of the money you raise will come directly to the Foundation. If you've collected money in another way, you'll need to bank the money you’ve raised. You can find all the ways to do this on the ‘Transfer Funds’ section of your host page.

Our Pink Ribbon Breakfast sponsors