Breakfast Hacks

Stuck for ideas on how to plan your breakfast and what to do on the day?! We've put together some fantastic breakfast hacks for you, including ready to go invites, posts for social media or newsletters and fundraising games, to make your breakfast a piece of cake.

Tips from previous hosts

Photo of Jana O'Malley

“I rang my local paper and told them what I was doing, they ended up doing a feature on the breakfast and I was in it. It’s great publicity for the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ and if you are doing a larger event it’s a great way to get some tickets sold. Don’t forget to smile and have fun!!!”

– Jana O’Malley, who raised $3,884

Photo of Denise Green

“I had fun with Pinterest in deciding on handmade decorations for the tables, these were greatly admired and I sold them cheap at the end for a donation to the cause. I made up some lovely cards on ribbons and found a branchy tree so that people could create a tribute tree. This turned out to be a beautiful part of the occasion as people could write something for someone close to their heart. There were people at that tree the whole afternoon in their own time.”

- Denise Green, who raised $1,010