Cafés and Restaurants


Getting involved with Pink Ribbon Breakfast this May is a great way to do some good and enhance your customer's experience at the same time. Your involvement in Pink Ribbon Breakfast can be as big or small as you like and is an easy way to raise funds for breast cancer research, patient support and education.

There's no set way to host a Pink Ribbon Breakfast, but here are two ways you could get involved: 

1. Make a month of it:

  • Donate a % of every coffee or beverage sold
  • Donate a % of an existing dish or add a special pink item to the menu
  • Promote the dish to your customers throughout May

2. Go all out with a one-off event:

  • Choose the perfect day for you
  • Boost publicity with a one-off event

As a registered host, you’ll receive;

  • An online fundraising page to help you collect donations.
  • A free Pink Ribbon Breakfast Host kit to help promote your café’s involvement including:
    • Pink Ribbon Breakfast decorative bunting
    • Pink Ribbon Breakfast posters
    • Pink Ribbon Breakfast tip jar sticker
    • BCFNZ pink ribbons for your staff to wear
    • An instruction booklet


Tips and Tricks

Whether you run a coffee kiosk, lunch bar, café or restaurant, there are so many ways to support the Pink Ribbon Breakfast campaign. Here are some ideas to help promote your involvement and inspire your team:


1. Get your staff and suppliers on board

Let your community know that you’re supporting the Pink Ribbon Breakfast campaign this May and ask how they could get involved.

 Your staff might have some great ideas or like to organise an event themselves. Suppliers are often generous in donating prizes or contributing to the cost of the breakfast.

2. Promote your Pink Ribbon Breakfast

Regardless of how you’re choosing to get involved, spreading the word is key! Use the bunting, posters and donation jar sticker included in your host kit to pink your place out. Check out our social tiles and shareables and post them on your Facebook or Instagram. The more people who know, the better!

3. Dress up in pink

Having your staff dress up in pink t-shirts, caps or aprons is a great way to catch people’s attention. If you’re hosting a one-off event, invite your customers to dress up too!

4. Keep it simple

Pink Ribbon Breakfasts can be a piece of cake – we even have recipes already prepared for you. Marshmallow jars, raffles and donation buckets are an easy way to boost your fundraising.


Tell us your ideas! We’d love to know what you’re planning around your Pink Ribbon Breakfast promotion so please get in touch if you've got some awesome plans!