Frequently asked questions

How do I register to host a Pink Ribbon Breakfast?

Just head here to sign up - it's a quick registration process, and then we'll be in touch with everything you need!

Can I host a morning tea, afternoon tea, or dinner instead?

Of course! Your Pink Ribbon Breakfast can be wherever, whenever and whatever you like!

Is there a Pink Ribbon Breakfast Day?

Yes! Pink Ribbon Breakfast Day is Thursday 25 May. We know that date might not suit everyone, so you're welcome to hold your fundraiser on another day in May if that works better for you and your guests.

What's in my host kit?

When you register, we will give you the option of receiving a host kit or not. Your host kit will contain -

  • a host instruction booklet that contains all of the information you need to know
  • a selection of Pink Ribbon merchandise, including pens, nail files and boob bead keyrings
  • products from our wonderful campaign sponsors
  • a pack of Pink Ribbon Breakfast serviettes and bunting to help decorate your event
  • a pre-paid return courier sticker for you to return any merchandise you have leftover after holding your event

We start sending out host kits at the beginning of April.

When will I receive my host kit?

Your host kit should take around seven working days (at most) to get to you. Your host kit will be delivered via Post Haste Couriers to the address you gave us when you registered, so please get in touch if this has changed. Remember that Post Haste cannot deliver to PO Boxes, so please register using a physical address.

What do I do with the merchandise? 

Great question! The merchandise in your host kit is there to help you fundraise.

Most people have the items available at their event to give to people who make a donation - you could set up a little pink table with the merchandise and some breast health information, so people can make a donation and get some of the items if they want them.

For those thinking of doing goodie bags or giveaways, we just wanted you to know that the merchandise comes at a cost to the Foundation. We suggest using the pens and nail files in your goodie bags for giveaways or for a gold coin donation, and saving the boob bead keyrings (which have a $5 suggested donation amount) for people to get separately if they want them. 

Because the merch items are so popular, they're a great way to raise extra funds at your breakfast!

Can I order additional merchandise?

Of course! If you would like extra merchandise please get in touch with the team. Remember to allow up to seven working days for your order to arrive.

What is Breast Cancer Foundation NZ's view on alcohol being served at Pink Ribbon events?

We do not recommend serving alcohol at Pink Ribbon events, as alcohol is a risk factor for breast and other cancers (you can check out our website for more information). If you do offer alcohol at your event, please offer plenty of non-alcoholic choices, too. Of course, alcohol should always be consumed responsibly.

Is it possible for an educator to come to my Pink Ribbon Breakfast?

Please contact us if you would like to request an educator by emailing us at with the location and date of your Pink Ribbon Breakfast.

Unfortunately due to the number of requests we receive we’re unable to send an educator to every event, however, we love meeting everyone and will do the best we can! 

Will I be sent a thank you letter?

Of course! When you've finished fundraising and banked the money you've raised, please go to the "Transfer Funds" section of your account and click the "I've finished fundraising" button. This lets the team know you're all done, and we can organise a thank you. It usually takes a few weeks to get to you.

Do I have to fundraise online as well?

No, when you register for Pink Ribbon Breakfast you will automatically have an online fundraising page set up. You can fundraise at your breakfast online, by collecting cash or both.

Online fundraising pages can be a convenient way for people to donate to your breakfast, particularly if they can’t physically make it or wish to make more donations after the breakfast has taken place.

How much money do I have to fundraise?

There is no set amount that you have to raise but remember that every dollar counts. No matter how small or large, your fundraising will help our mission to prevent New Zealanders from developing and dying from breast cancer and to support those with the disease.

Can I host a Pink Ribbon Breakfast virtually?

Absolutely! You could take your breakfast virtual and invite everyone to a video call instead. If a breakfast's not for you, why not take on a personal challenge instead?

How do I bank the money I've raised?

You can find all the ways to get the money you have raised back to us on the "Transfer funds" section of your host page. The easiest way is via bank transfer (our bank account details are below) using your personalised reference number.

Account name: Breast Cancer Foundation NZ
Account number: 12-3030-0534226-03 

I’ve lost my reference number, what do I do?

Your reference number will be sent via email soon after you register. In the first instance please check your emails including your spam / junk folder. Your reference number is also on the "My Details" tab of your account. If you can’t find it, please call us on 0800 902 732 or email

Can't find your question? Chat with our super helpful virtual assistant in the bottom right-hand corner of the site, who should be able to help with any other questions you have! 

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