Fundraising Ideas

It doesn't have to be a breakfast! There are so many awesome ways to fundraise, check out some of our solo or virtual ideas here


Host a Virtual Event

Get your friends and family together over Zoom, Skype or Facebook Video Call. Dress up in pink, do quizzes and play games with those who you can’t connect with in real life.

Take on a Physical Challenge

Whether it’s a 5k run or 100 burpees, a physical challenge is a great way to keep active and to fundraise! Inspire some healthy competition by encouraging your friends and family to take on the challenge too.

Hold a Bake Sale

Kiwis have been baking up a storm during lock down and now’s the perfect time to show off your new culinary skills! Bring along your pink cupcakes to work or school and ask for a donation in return.

Go Pink!

Hold a pink mufti day at school or work and encourage everyone to whip out their brightest pink outfits. You could take it a step further by dying your hair or beard pink!

Hold a Virtual Bake Off

Pick a recipe and challenge your participants to give it a go while all on a video call together. Whoever’s finished product looks the tastiest wins.

Make a Month of it

Pledge to do something every single day for the month of May. You could wear pink lippy, give up sweets or walk 3,300 steps for the 3,300 women diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

Run a Raffle

Collect some awesome prizes from local businesses and sell raffle tickets to your friends, family and colleagues. One lucky winner will walk away with some great goodies and the raffle ticket funds will be donated to BCFNZ.

Have a Garage Sale

This is the perfect way to declutter and raise some funds at the same time! We’ve all got some hidden gems lying around the house that we may not be making the best use of. Your friends and family might find something they love and offer a donation in return.

Donate your daily coffee

Collect all the money you would have spent on your favourite drink (or snack!) over the month and donate the total at the end of the month.

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