How to host a Pink Ribbon Breakfast

Anyone can host a breakfast, it can be as small or as large as you like!

All you need to do is invite some friends or family around, get your work colleagues or team together, and give them breakfast, morning tea, lunch or dinner. It can be as simple as a cup of coffee and a muffin.

In return, your guests can give you a donation to pass onto the Foundation, or you can organize games, have merchandise, run a raffle or auction, or sell tickets to your event.

There are four easy steps to hosting a Pink Ribbon Breakfast:

  1. Register and set up your online fundraising page.

  2. Organise your breakfast.
    Decide where you want to hold your event, pick a date, and decide who you’re going to invite. Next, plan what food and drinks you’ll provide and come up with some fun games to raise a few extra bucks.

  3. Get some publicity for your breakfast.
    Your online fundraising page makes it super easy for people to make donations, even if they’re not coming to your event. By letting people know what you’re up to, and sharing your page on social media, via email, and anywhere else you can, more people will have the opportunity to support your amazing efforts!

  4. After your breakfast.
    Simply bank the money you’ve raised, and return any merchandise you have left over.

    You can find all the ways to get the money you have raised back to us on the "Transfer funds" section of your host page. The easiest way is via bank transfer (our bank account details are below) using your personalised reference number.

    Account name: Breast Cancer Foundation NZ
    Account number: 12-3030-0534226-03 

You can find more handy tips and ideas on our Tips and Resources page and in the booklet that will be sent out with your Pink Ribbon Breakfast host kit after you sign up.