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Every person knows someone, whether its a family member, friend, relative, friend of a friend who has had breast cancer and therefore we all know to some degree just what these people have to go through. It's hard not knowing exactly what we can do to help along the way and to feel like we're contributing to a cause that really needs us. Well this is one way we can all come together to fight the war on 'Breast Cancer', to encourage people to be aware of the signs and symptoms and to support and fight for all those that have suffered over the years. My Mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, this is what first spurred me on to doing something, I also know that people always want to be involved but often don't know where to start. Lucky, I love organising things, I enjoy helping others and I'm keen to see if we can stop breast cancer forever. So it seemed right for me to organise a fundraiser to raise as much money as we can, to bring people of the Wellington region together who have all been affected by breast cancer some way or another in a supportive and caring environment. Let's raise the roof this year and hit our target of $7000, buy plenty of raffles/auctions and get involved to support a wonderful cause .

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Where: Leonard Victor Mitchell Gallery - Ganges Road, Khandallah Village.

When: Tuesday 29th May

What: A brunch and bubbles including games/raffles/auctions and loads of amazing prizes

Time: 10.30am-1pm

Buy your tickets here:

or if you're unable to buy a ticket but would still like to donate please consider putting it into our online account

Thanks for all your support.

Kate Twigg

Event Organiser

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