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St. Albans, Christchurch

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Welcome to Sheree & Lauren’s fundraising page for our Pink Ribbon Breakfast.

This year we are hosting our breakfast at Laneway Espresso. Massive thanks to Stu, the legend behind Laneway for not only letting us use the space but for sponsoring us and pitching in for all the food and coffee!

To come and join us for this event all you have to do is donate $25 to NZBCF. Every cent you donate goes straight to them. How awesome is that! The money raised will be used to fund research projects and medical grants to help improve survivorship, as well as support patients and their families during treatment and recovery.

This is a cause close to home for us. When we were too little to really understand our Aunty was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. We are so thankful that she is among those who kicked cancers butt! Like us, I’m sure you know someone who has had a battle of their own. So let’s get together and toast to those ladies and to help the future Cancer warriors!

We will have a few raffles on the go also so raid your change jars and come in your pinkest attire!

We can’t wait to see you all! ❤️

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