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Last year Manor Park Ladies hosted a Pink Ribbon Breakfast to help support the Breast Cancer Foundation and the work they do here in New Zealand and we raised over $500.

The money raised will be used to fund research projects and medical grants to help improve survivorship, as well as support patients and their families during treatment and recovery.

Breast cancer is New Zealand’s third most common cancer, with 8 women a day diagnosed.

We will all know somebody, whether it be a family member or friend who has been affected and this is just our little bit that will add to other donations that could and will make a difference to someone’s life and help them in the fight for life. Every dollar helps.

This year we go again and our Pink Ribbon Breakfast will be on Saturday May 25 from 1.30 pm – cost $5 but we really need support from the whole club not just the Ladies.

Everyone is welcome so please let us know. We hope you can make it for a lovely get together while supporting such a worthwhile course.

Donate today and help make zero deaths from breast cancer a reality!

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