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We flash them, we smash them, we push them way up.

We shake them, we stuff them in the wrong sized cup.

Our partners just crave them, our children have drained them. Some of us have even decided to name them.

We go through our lives and knock them about.

But one things for certain, one thing I must SHOUT!

Our Boobies have been there through thick and though thin and life is to precious to let cancer win!

I have known a few people who have gone through The horribleness of breast cancer, and I can’t imagine how hard it was for them.

I need your help to raise awareness and help breast cancer New Zealand fund research.

9 woman are diagnosed with Breast Cancer every day in New Zealand, and that’s 9 woman too many!

Let’s get together and help this amazing cause and have some amazing food while we are at it. 💗💖

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