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Positively Pink started in 2017 with 50 local ladies attending. We raised over $7,000, not bad for a small local event.

2018 saw an increase in sponsorship and popularity with just over 90 women in attendance, held at the Leonard Victor Mitchell Gallery and raising over $11,000, putting us at second place on the national Breast Cancer leaderboard for Pink Ribbon Fundraising.

This year in 2019 It is our mission this year to raise in excess of $30,000.

This year Positively Pink is going ‘Welly Wide’. Both men and ladies will be attending the event to raise awareness and fundraising to fight the terrible and unpredictable disease that is breast cancer.

We want to raise as much profile as possible through word of mouth and media so that we can achieve regional recognition. We intend to graduate from a small local event into an annual fundraising extravaganza that helps people become more aware of the fight against breast cancer, give up their time and encourage them to put their hands in their pockets to help us reach our ambitious goal of $30,000.

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