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Jillana's Breakfast at Babbage

Jillana's Breakfast at Babbage

It was an honour to be in charge of the Babbage Pink Ribbon Breakfast. I was really proud of the employees who raised so much money and the Company directors for matching the employee donations.

I was inspired to do a breakfast because I've had breast cancer myself (almost 10 years since my diagnoses), my mum has had it, two of my best friends have had it, and many more people I know. A number of people at my work know people who have had it - including one of our ex-male directors. That was a big wake up call for many as we are a male dominant company.

I loved getting people motivated to donate to the cause. I was proud of the amount we raised. Much more than I'd ever be able to do on my own. Also, a lot of people came up to me during the fundraiser with stories of their loved ones or even their own cancer struggles. People need to be able to talk about that time period, but often don't. I was happy to be the recipient of their stories. 

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