Michelle Manderson

Michelle Manderson

Michelle Manderson says her last four years have been crazy, what with divorce, breast cancer, a global pandemic. Her Pink Ribbon Breakfast aims to be a celebration of life, love and her journey with breast cancer.

I want to use my Pink Ribbon Breakfast to celebrate life and the journey I’ve been on. It’s safe to say that it has been a crazy four years: I’ve been through separation, divorce, a breast cancer diagnosis, then going from being a solo parent to my children to being on my own when they left home, to now renting my house out to pay the mortgage and therefore living with 10 people.

On top of all that, there’s been two years of Covid-19 and lockdowns!

I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer in August 2020, and it spread to my lymph nodes. I had been called up for a mammogram appointment, and at first I thought “no, I’d rather not”.

But a couple of days later I was in the shower and I found a lump. So I rang up and asked for a mammogram.

During the appointment, I was then referred for an ultrasound, that required having two biopsies, so I knew it wasn’t sounding good.

It all moved so quickly after that. There was no time for me to research, prepare, or plan. One week and one day later, I had a partial mastectomy.

I am grateful to friends and family who’ve supported me emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually throughout this entire journey. I’m also so grateful for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, who have been brilliant throughout my journey, with funding for counselling, lymphatic drainage and Pinc and Steel Physio. I love having the opportunity to give back and support them by hosting a Pink Ribbon Breakfast.

My Pink Ribbon Breakfast will be held on 30th April at Eze Feedz, 139 Totara Street, Mount Maunganui. It starts at 7pm with a mix and mingle, before a silent auction and raffle at 8pm. From 9 – 10pm there will be professional dance performances, followed by social dancing from 10pm. It is open to anyone and everyone, and will be a celebration of life, love and health while raising money to help others. 

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