Terms & Conditions

By registering your breakfast (the Registered Breakfast) with Breast Cancer Foundation NZ (BCFNZ) you (the Registered Host) acknowledge and agree to be bound by the following terms:

  1. Event:
  • The Registered Host agrees to take part in the Pink Ribbon Breakfast (PRB) campaign run by BCFNZ on these terms and conditions (as may be amended by BCFNZ from time to time) and any other terms relating to the PRB campaign as notified to you by BCFNZ from time to time.
  • The PRB campaign will run throughout May 2023 (the PRB Term) with people hosting their events throughout May, June and July. By registering for the PRB campaign, a Registered Host is entitled to host a breakfast in connection with the PRB campaign.
  • The Registered Host is only entitled to participate in the PRB campaign for the PRB Term in the year in which they registered. For the avoidance of doubt, a Registered Host will need to re-register each year that it wishes to participate in the PRB campaign.
  • BCFNZ will contact the Registered Host with information relevant to the campaign during the PRB Term year (2023).
  1. Payment: The Registered Host will pay the funds raised during the PRB campaign to BCFNZ no later than 1 September 2023.
  • Hospitality Hosts: the Registered Host must be specific with their customers the amount they intend to donate to BCFNZ during the PRB campaign e.g. "10% of proceeds throughout May".
  • Hospitality Hosts: the Registered Host acknowledges and agrees that all funds raised by the Registered Host during the PRB campaign may attract GST and that BCFNZ has the right to collect from the Registered Host any GST amount that may become payable.
  1. Termination: BCFNZ may withdraw the participation rights of a Registered Host at its sole discretion.

  2. Intellectual Property:
  • The Registered Host acknowledges and agrees that no right, title or interest in or to the trade marks, logos or any intellectual property of BCFNZ is extended to or conveyed to the Registered Host as a result of or in accordance with the Registered Host’s participation in the PRB campaign, except as strictly necessary in order for the Registered Host to participate in the PRB campaign.
  • The Registered Host acknowledges and agrees that it is not a sponsor of the PRB campaign or BCFNZ and cannot hold themselves out or expressly refer to themselves as an official sponsor of either BCFNZ or the PRB campaign in any material including any promotional materials prepared for the purpose of the PRB campaign. However, during the PRB Term, the Registered Host may promote themselves as “A Pink Ribbon Breakfast Host”.
  • Registered hosts will need express written permission from BCFNZ before finalising any advertising materials relating to the PRB campaign.
  • Upon the expiry of the PRB Term or the withdrawal by BCFNZ of the participation rights of a Registered Host, the Registered Host must immediately cease using the trade marks, logos and any intellectual property of BCFNZ. For the avoidance of doubt, this will include the removal all advertising materials relating to the PRB campaign and/or with references to an association with, BCFNZ.
  1. Prizes:
  • Registered Hosts may be eligible to be awarded prizes or rewards at the end of the PRB Term.
  • These prizes will be awarded at the sole discretion of BCFNZ. Prize winners will be selected based on the amount of funds raised and any other criteria BCFNZ may consider relevant. BCFNZ reserves the right to select prize winners in its sole discretion and without giving reasons.
  • Registered Hosts are not required to contribute any of funds personally in order to be awarded a prize, and luck shall play no part in the selection of prize recipients.
  • All decisions of BCFNZ are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  1. Privacy policy and personal information:
  • In signing up to take part in BCFNZ's Pink Ribbon Breakfast campaign, the Registered Host consents to BCFNZ contacting them with relevant campaign information during the campaign period. If you have opted-out of ongoing communications from BCFNZ, this will come into effect after BCFNZ's Pink Ribbon Breakfast campaign is completed. 
  • BCFNZ maintains a privacy policy set out at www.breastcancerfoundation.org.nz/privacy-policy (BCFNZ Privacy Policy).
  • In order to register for the PRB campaign, the Registered Host will be asked to provide the contact information of an individual representative. The Registered Host consents to the terms of BCFNZ Privacy Policy and will ensure that the individual representative is aware of and consents to BCFNZ Privacy Policy and to the disclosure of such personal information to third parties in connection with the uses contemplated by BCFNZ Privacy Policy or otherwise in connection with the PRB campaign.
  • BCFNZ will recognise the rights of persons under the Privacy Act 1993 (New Zealand) to access and request the correction of any personal information which BCFNZ holds about the them.
  • The Registered Host must comply with the Privacy Act 1993 (New Zealand) at all times.

Liability: To the extent permitted by law, in no event will BCFNZ be liable for indirect, special, incidental or consequential loss, cost or damage of any kind relating to any personal injury, damage to property or financial losses that may occur as a result of the Registered Host participating in the PRB campaign.