Tips and Tricks

Whether you run a coffee kiosk, lunch bar, café or restaurant, there are many ways to capitalise on the Pink Ribbon Breakfast campaign. Here are some ideas to help promote your involvement and inspire your team:

Engage your staff and suppliers

Tell them your business is supporting the New Zealand Pink Ribbon Breakfast campaign this May by giving a percentage  of a promoted item towards breast cancer research and support. Ask them for ideas on how to promote your involvement. Maybe a staff member could organise a ‘friends and family’ launch event at your place. Or share your café’s involvement on their own facebook pages. A supplier might be willing to match your donation or provide promoted goods for free or more cheaply.

Pink Ribbon Breakfast - Hospitality Door Decal

Promote your Pink Ribbon Breakfast Special

Only you know what’s popular with your clientele, but whatever you do think pink! It could be a cheeky pink cupcake/coffee combo, a berry pancake stack, a strawberry yoghurt parfait or a pink smoothie with a berry muffin. Pink is the colour universally associated with the fight against breast cancer and the Pink Ribbon Breakfast campaign, plus it’s eye catching !
Publicise your cafe as a ‘Pink Ribbon Breakfast Supporter or Host.’
Stop people in their tracks - dress a mannequin up in pink and park it outside your cafe.
Share a picture of a local identity enjoying your Pink Ribbon Breakfast special and post it online. Or a ‘masculine’ staff member dressed up in the Pink Ribbon Breakfast apron. (Ask for their permission first!)
Light up your café all day and night with pink fairy lights to show you’re putting the spotlight on breast cancer. String fairy lights or balloons around the menu board to highlight the Pink Ribbon Breakfast special item.
Place a visually attractive fun pink display at a table underneath a Pink Ribbon Breakfast poster. A talking point with your customers and their kids! Give Pink Ribbon Breakfast balloons to kids when they come in.
Tell your local newspaper what you’re planning as an official Pink Ribbon Breakfast host. Invite them to sample your Pink Ribbon Breakfast special or to come to you event. Send them a picture of your team dressed up. Think of a local angle that’ll get them interested – maybe one of your clients or staff members is willing to share a breast cancer story.
Ask them to plug your involvement in the local events section or listings guide.
Drop flyers around your local neighbourhood or retail strip. Place an ad in your local school’s newsletter to promote your involvement.
Please note: If you are going to publicise an event in any way we need to see a draft of any advertising and approve any written copy going into print. Please see our terms and conditions for more information. The Pink Ribbon is a registered trademark of BCFNZ in New Zealand and for this reason we ask you not to use it on your material without permission. Please email draft advertising for approval to

Dress Pink

In May, have a dress up day each week where staff go all out to win an award for the most imaginative pink costume. Invite your customers to judge the staff on the day. Display the pictures around the café or as temporary placemats to help promote your Pink Ribbon Breakfast special.
Every day, nominate a staff member to wear a Pink Ribbon Breakfast apron with a crazy pink wig. Maybe it’s the employee who did something silly the day before!

Invite your VIP’s to an event

Sell tickets to a special Pink Ribbon Breakfast launch event early May. It could be on Mother’s Day or on a less busy day. Place special invitations on all your tables or when people pay, given them an invite. Theme it: ‘Get your Pink on’, “Bubbles and brunch”, a mother/daughter breakfast with a difference. Invite a local celebrity to speak or musician to play.

Be a marshmallow and support BCFNZ.

Have a big jar of pink marshmallows at the counter. Invite customers to donate spare change in return for an entry into the “Guess how many Marshmallows” competition. The best/closest guess wins the lolly jar ….and a free coffee.

Run a raffle

Run a raffle at the counter to win a free Pink Ribbon Breakfast at your cafe. Ask customers to put their business card into the draw. At the end of May, draw the winner. You get their contacts for future events.

(Please note however that there are legal requirements around running raffles under the Gambling Act 2003 if the prize is worth $5000 or more – check out the Department of Internal Affairs or email:

Tell us your ideas! We’d love to know what you’re planning around your Pink Ribbon Breakfast promotion so please email: